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Icrontic celebrates the life of Spencer Hayes

Icrontic celebrates the life of Spencer Hayes

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Spencer Hayes

Yesterday night, a car containing four Icrontic members on their way to a restaurant was violently rear-ended by another, larger vehicle. Everyone inside was injured, and tragically, Spencer Hayes was killed in the impact.

Spencer has been an Icrontic member for years. He has written articles about gaming and game theory, been the rallying force behind several Icrontic gaming efforts, including the Guild Wars 2 guild, Magic: The Gathering tournaments, and more. He was a consummate gamer in every sense, and derived great joy from not only participating with other Icrontians in games, but making sure everybody got the most out of the games they played.

His laugh and smile were absolutely infectious, and when he laughed, it cut above the din of the crowd and made everyone either groan and facepalm, or start laughing themselves. He was a teacher who loved kids, and was a fantastic caretaker and guide for young people.

Spencer at Oktoberfest

Spencer was having fun up until the moment of his death, and for that we take some solace. He was laughing and joking the last moment I saw him alive. He was truly at home in this community and among friends. That’s the only small comfort we can take from this tragedy.

Rest in peace, dear friend. You will never be forgotten. Icrontic was a better place for having you, and now we are worse off without you.

The funeral will be Tuesday, October 30th at Lynch & Sons in Clawson, MI. Icrontic is taking a collection to help the Hayes family with funeral costs. If you want to donate, please send donations via Paypal to accounts at short-media.com.


  1. Jokke
    Jokke Beautiful.

    Granted, I didn't know Spencer all too well, but I still feel like he was part of my family, or even better; my Icrontic family.

    Rest in peace.
  2. QCH
    QCH Sad day... Rest in peace, Spencer.
  3. troll
    troll My deepest and sincerest condolences to the Hayes family and to Spencer's friends. A tragic loss at such a young age.
  4. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi Goodbye dear friend, you were taken too soon.

  5. MiracleManS
    MiracleManS I rarely comment now and I generally seem to not show up when I say I will, but I consider everyone on this site family.

    Spencer will truly be missed. It is a sad day for Icrontic but he will be remembered fondly and with smiles.
  6. Straight_Man
    Straight_Man I get a sad feeling inside when a Icrontic family member passes on. RIP, Spenser.
  7. jared
    jared Sad I never got to meet him, sounds like he was a stand up guy. One of those guys that makes everyone else a better person just by knowing him.

    T&P to Spencer, his family, and the entire Icrontic Community.
  8. Rachel Spencer was my sons Technology teacher in Milford. We truly loved having him at the school. I was just talking with him yesterday about how much we hoped he would get hired in full time. He was a wonderful influence for all the kids! We will truly miss him!
  9. BHHammy
    BHHammy Damn, the last time I saw him was when he was in our Terraria group a ways back. Great guy, i still have him on my skype list. What a way to go...
  10. Rachel I went to school with Spencer...he ran our A/V stuff for theatre and choir performances. He was truly one of the most standup guys. I hadn't talked to him in years, but we had some great times in high school and I'm grateful I knew him. I also worked closely with his mom on production things in high school...my heart absolutely aches for his family :( RIP, Spencer.
  11. RyanMM
    RyanMM I will never forget his laugh. I hope we have that in a video somewhere because that needs to be preserved and shared with future generations of Icrontians.
  12. Winfrey
    Winfrey For me, it will be painfully obvious that Spencer is gone, when I log into Vent, play TF2 (which hasn't been in a while), or host up some skype calls for gaming. Especially at Icrontic events.

    Gonna miss you SpencerForHire.
  13. Casey Masters My Daughters truly loved Mr.Spencer he was their favorite.. A young man who accomplished so much in his life. He Definitely has a place in my family hearts.
  14. Barbara Miller I didn't know Spencer but, my grandson Bobby loved him as a best friend. I wish I could have met him. God bless his family & friends. May you RIP Spencer.
  15. lershee
    lershee He was always so nice to me. And I loved how, if he didn't win a game of Catan, he would sit there and go through the game again to figure out why he lost. It was irritatingly hilarious. I will miss you so much, Spence. <3
  16. Katie Spencer was an incredible person. I feel so fortunate to have known him since kindergarten! May he rest in peace!
  17. Canti
    Canti When playing Ascension with him I will always miss the way he would go into great detail to explain every single facet of the game and take the time to make sure everyone playing completely understood the rules and knew how to best plan their moves so that they had the greatest chance at winning. Then he would get his turn in which he would acquire multiple turns in a row, kill all the monsters on the board several times over, take all the gold from the leprechauns, buy more attack power, kill all the leprechauns, pull all the constructs out of the void and put them into play, literally take your ability to comprehend what just happened and throw it into a wood chipper, declare himself the winner, prove it by showing he has more honor points than exist in all the decks in the world combined, and then ask if anyone wanted to play again and laugh. I'll never forget that laugh.
  18. Alidra
    Alidra image

    Good times with a wonderful friend. I can't express how much you will be missed, Spence.
  19. primesuspect
  20. WagsFTW
  21. Ryder
    Ryder That is really awesome of his parents to include us.. even with the typo.
  22. Linda Tadajewski Spencer was an awesome young man. I am so glad that we got to work together the last couple of months. It was a pleasure to know him. He has enriched all of us at Johnson Elementary. My heart goes out to all that knew and loved him. He will be truly missed.
  23. Ryder
    Ryder I won't be there tonight. Please pass my condolences to Spencer's family.
  24. Katherine My son, a johnson elementary student, was very sad when we learned of Spencer's passing. My son said he was a fun teacher and too young to die. i would agree. Thank you for writting this artcle and giving us more information about this wonderful person. He will be missed by the students. We pray that God is with him, taking care of him.
  25. LeahVoice
    LeahVoice The gaming tables are quieter, the sumos are emptier, the kitchen island is sadder and we are all lonlier. Spencer, you are very much missed.
  26. Shubby
    Shubby I'm so sorry to find out about the loss of Spencer. I spent many, many Friday and Saturday nights doing hard modes in Ulduar to get our server first Rusted Proto Drakes. I'm sad that I haven't had time to play any GW2 with my friends yet. I'm sad that I will never hear his voice in vent again. It's now a good thing that I will never forget his voice saying, "FAN OF KNIVES FRAME LOSS". <3s and huggles. Too soon, Executus.
  27. grace from johnson elem Mr.Hayes was my conputer lab teacher i miss him deeply
  28. grace from johnson elem HE WAS THE BEST CONPUTER LAB TEACHER EVER R.I.P
  30. Linc
    Linc One of his dad's friends at the memorial service got up and said "Every time I came over Spencer would give me a look like 'oh boy, here's my dad's geeky pinball friends again'. Turns out, after listening to all of you, he was a far bigger geek than we ever were. He had a great poker face."
  31. hadesprye
    hadesprye Spencer was such a great friend. It was so nice to see so many of you show up to his memorial yesterday!
  32. Hawk
    Hawk LadyHawk and I send our condolences to family and friends of Spencer. We know he was a big part of this community and will be missed by all.
    I enjoyed his articles. I also enjoyed playing TF2 with him.
    Sorry for the late post. I haven't been here for a few days.
    RIP SpencerForHire
  33. Madison Hey, Mr.Hayes was only 26 He was my friend at keller elementary my Student Teacher, i cried soooo much went to his funeral i really will miss him it doesnt feel real if only i got to say good bye i thought about this and WHY HIM? I asked and i sat by him and his teacher desk. i remeber (at our school we had something called disrupitons for if we were talking or doing something bad or wrong) so i got a few of those im sooooooooooo sad i didnt answer my phone and i heard that voicemail from a friend and then i cried to my mom :( R.I.P Spencer Hayes. He told us about a special friend we all knew it was a girlfriend I'm sorry
    RIP spencer hayes always in our hearts:(
  34. Taylor Mr. Spencer Hayes didn't deserve to pass away in this manor. He was not only my student teacher, but a friend. Spencer is missed by many including myself. Rest in peace buddy :'(
  35. BobbyDigi
    BobbyDigi Dear Spence,

    I was looking though my Steam friends list today. You were online just 9 days ago. Thank you for being passionate about everything you do. Thank you for all of the advice on TF2 strategy. I already miss our Steam chats about Scout weapons. I'm glad I could help you find the weapons you needed to test your theories about how they would do in game. I've got a list of weapons that I have named or plan to name after my friends. I have you on the list next to Spy Knife. Spy Sappin My Spencer. I changed my mind though. I'll always remember you as a Scout so I renamed my Strange Festive Bat to {IC} SpencerForHire. I think you would appreciate that it is one of the most valuable items I have but more so that the Scout's bat is still arguably the all around best balance of a Scout melee wep. What I wouldn't give to chat about TF2 strategies with you again.

    I will always remember at Epic last year during the Magic draft. It got down to you and I playing for first place. I was honored just to make it that far. You rolled me. I couldn't even touch your deck. I was able to pull off a couple of defensive moves and even though they proved unhelpful, I was proud that you seemed surprised by them and even voiced that they were good moves. I appreciated that. You were always such a good sportsman. I never heard you brag. Instead you would want to take time to talk about what happened, show me how I could be better. I am a better player for being able to play against you. I am a better person for knowing you.

    You've not left my mind since I read the news. It still doesn't seem real. You were a friend in every sense of the word. You touched so many peoples lives. This is quite evident by the posts here and on your Facebook page.

    Thank you for being you Spence.

  36. LIN
    LIN So, so tragic.. I am truly at a loss for words but to offer my very deepest condolences and prayers. Rest in peace, Spencer.
  37. Creeperbane2
  38. DeterminedCelery
    DeterminedCelery Although I never really got along with Mr.Spencer, I know people that have said he was a great guy. I am so very sad to here about his death, and I will miss him.

  39. cola
    cola I keep expecting Spence to pop on and ask me to play LoL with him, I guess it really takes time to wrap your head around this sort of thing. I can't help but pause for a moment when I see certain videos that we'd share like


    ...I really miss the guy
  40. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx Yeah, both those videos are no longer the same for me. Can't watch them without hearing him laughing his ass off.
  41. LilSis
    LilSis Today, the man that had a warrant out for his arrest and had been on the run for 2 months for killing my brother, Spencer, has finally been caught and arrested.
  42. ardichoke
    Today, the man that had a warrant out for his arrest and had been on the run for 2 months for killing my brother, Spencer, has finally been caught and arrested.
    I couldn't decide whether or not it would be inappropriate to <3 this, so instead I'll just say this. Good. I hope this can give you all some measure of closure.
  43. Tushon
    Today, the man that had a warrant out for his arrest and had been on the run for 2 months for killing my brother, Spencer, has finally been caught and arrested.
    Thank you for letting us know.
  44. Canti
    Canti What a mother fucker. Thank God.
  45. BobbyDigi
    Today, the man that had a warrant out for his arrest and had been on the run for 2 months for killing my brother, Spencer, has finally been caught and arrested.
    Thank you for the update.

  46. Thrax
    Thrax How did he go free after being in the hospital under guard by the police? I don't know if this is an appropriate question, but it really confused me. :(
  47. UPSLynx
    UPSLynx I was wondering the same thing, I had no clue that scumbag was on the run.

    Thanks for updating us.
  48. Bandrik
    Bandrik I was actually logging on today to ask if there were any updates about the perpetrator. I'm glad I didn't know he was on the run this whole time. I don't think I could have taken that anxiety. But it's good to know he's off the streets now.

    Thanks for the update.
  49. Chooch
    Chooch Thanks for the update!
  50. Tushon
    Tushon AFAIK, they released him from custody because his initial tox screens were negative, then dropped an arrest warrant later.
  51. LilSis
    How did he go free after being in the hospital under guard by the police? I don't know if this is an appropriate question, but it really confused me. :(
    Well, even if he was taken by police they could only hold him for 48 hours, then would have to let him go. they can not legally arrest someone like that unless there is enough evidence for a case to go to trial and such in which then they would detain him up to and through the trial until teh sentencing. and when they first let him go, they didn't tell him that someone had died so he would be less likely to flee to prevent from getting caught and such. so yeah.
  52. primesuspect
    primesuspect What Tushon said is exactly right. They don't arrest someone in the hospital without a warrant. A warrant was issued after he had already been released on negative tox.
  53. LilSis
    LilSis He was on PCP at the time. The only reason it came up negative is becuase by the time they get the results from a blood tox like that it's already worked out of the system.
  54. Thrax
    AFAIK, they released him from custody because his initial tox screens were negative, then dropped an arrest warrant later.
    Thanks, dude. I wasn't aware of the full situation.
  55. LilSis
    LilSis Help make his facebook a memorial page since filling out teh proper forms isn't working...
  56. QCH
    QCH Cannot believe it's been a year. Miss you Spencer.
  57. primesuspect

    Two years. We love you Spence

  58. WagsFTW

    It was weird, he actually came up in conversation last night when we were out with some of Joe's friends, and one was talking about going to Magic tournaments. Was nice to think of him yesterday.

  59. Thrax

    Three years. Quesadillas and Baja Blast today.

  60. Teramona

    Funniest memory of Spencer: He was steam rolling Dan and me in Munchkin so bad that at one point he looked up at us and said "Do we really need to finish this?"

    Fondest memory of Spencer: Knowing he was going to message me every time I logged in to GW2 to ask me how it was going. :)

    We will definitely be raising our cups tonight to you, Spencer!

  61. primesuspect

    Tonight I will read a guide on minmaxing my clicker heroes DPS just for you, Spence. AND YOU KNOW I'LL HATE EVERY SECOND OF IT YOU BASTARD

  62. HumerusMeg

    Mmmmm that quesilla and Baja blast! Miss you

  63. MAGIC

    be getting ass beat by Spencer in Magic
    he's just winning because he spent more $$
    swap decks
    he still wins

  64. Thrax

    be trying to take Spencer home
    so much rum and coke
    he can't get off the floor
    he's theorycrafting at your pantlegs
    it takes an hour to leave

  65. Soda

    I'm a theorycrafting addict, and I was following guild wars 2 somewhat before it came out, but I had fallen behind. I was pretty new to IC still, but heard Spencer talk about it a few times. He was always talking with some of the people I didn't know too well, so I asked Brian, "Hey can I just go bring it up with him, is that awkward". Brian turned and just started LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF. I didn't get it.

    3 hours later I totally got it. <3 you Spencer.

  66. primesuspect







  67. UPSLynx

    Yesterday I ate Taco Bell, drank a rum and coke, and looped this for a good half hour:


    <3 spencer. Playing Dungeon Defenders 2 lately has brought back a lot of good memories of him.

  68. GnomeQueen

    I just wanna talk to you

  69. primesuspect

    Tonight we will optimize even harder, my friend. The gang will have beers and play games and have passionate discussions about the best upgrade path, team comp, rotation, and build in your honor. We miss you

  70. TiberiusLazarus

    Cannot think of a better day to have our Return to Karazhan.

  71. Thrax

    Today @HumerusMeg and I are eating Taco Bell quesadillas in his honor.

  72. GnomeQueen

    The old link to his obituary was broken, so here's a fixed one.

  73. aspieRommel

    @GnomeQueen said:
    The old link to his obituary was broken, so here's a fixed one.

    Jackie, the link you posted made me have to search for it on the website, so here's the link directly to it.


  74. MAGIC

    The last time I played MTG with Spence I had just built my own deck. He beat me like five games in a row. I told him "your deck is pay to win". We traded decks and he beat me with my own trash. I told him to fuck off, and you know what his laugh sounded like. I really miss him.

  75. BobbyDigi

    I've been thinking about Spence a lot recently while min-maxing Pokemon Go. Wondering what his favorites would be. Oh, who am I kidding? He would have figured out the best, those would be his favorite.

    Miss you Dude. Getting the most out of games in your memory.


  76. CrazyJoe

    I miss him every day. I miss talking about being computer teachers together. I still have his picture/pin sitting right by my monitor. I wore the pin tbe other day and some of my kids asked about it. I told them about how I had a friend who also an awesome teacher.

  77. UPSLynx

    Five years ago today. Legit cannot believe it. It still hurts. To this day, still surrounded by memories of Spencer. Just got done talking about Whiskey Lane™ with @cola, which was popularized back when we played League of Legends with @SpencerForHire.

    Having a rum and coke and playing Overwatch in his honor tonight. He would have effing loved this game (and loved/hated complaining about the meta).

  78. pigflipper

    I ordered a Captain and Coke tonight and sat it next to me, with a bar stool leaned up. The bar staff at Poor Pauls kept anybody from sitting there, or moving the drink, whenever I got up. They know. I then ordered 3 water moccasins, did one, sat the other two with the drink.

    Captain was the favorite of two of the best people I have ever known. Two of the best taken far before their time.

    I want to argue with Spencer one more time, I want to have a crazy LAN with Mortin one more time.

    Fuck October.

  79. UPSLynx

    @pigflipper said:
    Fuck October.

    Hugs brother. I hate today. This month.

  80. Ryder

    @UPSLynx said:

    @pigflipper said:
    Fuck October.

    I hate today. This month.


  81. primesuspect

    Spence, I think you finally might begrudgingly admit that I got better at DPS in wow.... But you'd still make fun of how long it took me and how other people playing my class could do it in a tenth of the time. You bastard!

  82. primesuspect

    I'm one of the top DPS shadow priests on Thrall, Spencer. THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU SMUG ASS

  83. Thrax

    We celebrated his birthday with Taco Bell quesadillas. We'll celebrate his passing with piles of rum.

  84. Tushon

    @Annes @pragtastic and a friend from work celebrated last night with some Sailor Jerry's and telling stories.

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