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XBMC 11.0 released

XBMC 11.0 released

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XBMC, one of the most widely adopted HTPC applications, has just been updated to 11.0. This version has been in development for over a year and boasts a number of new features as well as improvements over the previous version.

Among the new features and improvements are Addon Rollbacks, which allows users to revert to previous versions of installed extensions and skins; improved support for (unencrypted) Blu-ray content and structures, including direct ISO playback; DXVA deinterlacing support; and improved database scraping for TV, movie, and music information.

Perhaps most obviously to users will be the improved default Confluence interface. Where the previous version listed menu options vertically on the left of the interface, the new version lays the options out horizontally across the center of the screen. Based on screenshots, the new Conflux appears to be inspired by designs such as the popular Aeon skin, albeit with some further enhancements.

In addition, official “stable release” support has been extended to the Apple TV 2, iPad, and other iOS devices. Those devices require iOS 4.x and must be jailbroken for installation, but those devices gain a huge number of media formats otherwise unsupported by Apple.

Also new is XBMCbuntu, a replacement of sorts for XBMC Live. XBMCbuntu is a custom version of Ubuntu Linux that boots directly into XBMC, abstracting the actual operating system away from the user. The new package is able to easily update XBMC and its packages either through the command line (especially useful for updating across a network) or through the GUI package manager.

The full changelog can be found here.


  1. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm I installed Sunday morning with hardly a hitch; only hitch was solved by a graphics driver update. Some of your favorite skins have been updated as well; never a fan of Confluence, the new version of Aeon Nox has added even more customizability, and is as beautiful as always.

    The Featured activity is a great idea I liked - it'll show you the videos you currently have in progress, the most recently-added TV or movies, etc. Kind of a neat hub.

    Overall, it feels a little faster switching through activities, but beyond that, it's still the XBMC I know and love.
  2. Kwitko
    Kwitko It's great. I installed it over the weekend. Scraping is a lot easier to do, although not perfect. @Snarkasm, I agree with you about speed. Definitely feels snappier. How are you running it, on Linux, Windows?
  3. kryyst
    kryyst I'm running it on an old lenovo t50 laptop. Nothing special and it's definitely an improvement in the speed dept from the last version.
  4. Snarkasm
    Snarkasm Win 7 on a GA-E350N-USB3 mobo and Vertex 3 SSD here. Great little box.
  5. Kwitko
    Kwitko WinXP on a Zotac mini-ITX board with a 2TB drive and 4GB of RAM. I am utilizing my company's metal manufacturing facilities to build a custom enclosure. Well, not so much an enclosure as a bracket with a 170mm fan blowing air across the whole shebang.
  6. boasist
    boasist Put it up on my main PC and atv2 yesterday. Running good, the sql databases updated OK, which is nice to see from a new version. Overall pretty happy with it.

    I do see a speed improvement on the atv2, as well as a crash fix when using the remote app from an ios device.

    Good work.

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