Why grown-ass men love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so much



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    Thanks for the support and respect, John :D

    Look, it doesn't matter how much you spit links that you deem to be proper sources to us, @Famicon. We are not interested, or willing, to be disproved on this forum about something that so many of us enjoy for a multitude of reasons just because you think we should.

    Not to mention your "sources" are about as credible as a child's ignorant ramblings. If you want to change my mind about something, I expect better. You were trolling from the start - do not pretend to have done anything else.

    And even if it were, you're still full of it. You wouldn't go to a Harley Davidson shop full of bike owners and start throwing around charts that prove the danger of riding a motorcycle while yelling at the top of your lungs that everyone in there are out of their minds for enjoying the ride. Don't bring that same kind of crap here and think that it is ok.
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    You wouldn't go to a Harley Davidson shop full of bike owners and start throwing around charts that prove the danger of riding a motorcycle while yelling at the top of your lungs that everyone in there are out of their minds for enjoying the ride.
    Hey now! I'm quite the safe ride when you take the right precautions and I'm handled properly. :orange:

    Seriously though. Only negative aspects of the fandom (shared with many other fandoms) were cited. I can respect a different opinion. They are a spice of life that can burn sometimes. I'm New Mexican, I love spice. :rarr:

    But failing to see/choosing not to see the merit in something is just ignorance/trolling, whether you mean it to be or not. Which you know the general reaction people have to such things.

    My favorite (and personal) definition of "geek ( :hiding: ), weirdo, otaku," etc, is "Someone who greatly expresses his or her love for a hobby, interest, and or activity that is generally scene as obscure, eccentric, etc." This whole community is based of such interests, and "Brony" is just a recent entry in the long line of these names for a certain type of fanboy/girl, and is treated as such. I.e. some fans proudly display themselves with the moniker and support each other and the hobby, haters use it discouragingly and twist intentions, and those that can either respect and tolerate it, or really just don't care, don't make any sort of deal out of it. :coffee:

    "Sekai no hashi made todoku koe yori, Kimi ni dake tsutae tai dake, .... Kono mune no oku wo ima kokode kaki narasu."
    ----------[Rough Translation]-------------
    "I don't need a voice that carries to the end of the earth, I just want to be heard by you, ... here and now, I'll play the depths of my soul with a frenzied passion."

    To put it another way, "I'll be myself, and enjoy it, and I'll flourish with those that also enjoy it, and the rest can go about their own business." :buck:
    {Alternate Ending: insert Cola's response to the accusation of sleeping. :D }

    Also ironic and sorta fitting that Psycho-Mantis is the avatar. :ninja:

    I'm on an emote roll. Don't stop me now. :rocker:
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    omg please can we be done now?
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    Wait, this was a serious arguement?
  • The problem is.... girls don't like the cartoon. It IS like powerpuff girls, dexters labrotory and so on, so it's a farce, but it doesn't have a target, it's just generally what people would watch to be entertained. Hasbro made a mistake in thinking they could target little girls with it because they can't the FRENZY they were looking for with this won't happen for GIRLS, but for internet memes and general pop culture sure.

    The writer may hate the "girly" stereotype, but she definitely can't attract the "girl" audience with stuff like this.

    It depends on what they were going for.
  • @PirateNinja same kinda applies with me.
  • oh wow, late as hell finding this. first, I'm a brony. Second, with that title i was expecting a load of bullshit. This was really good. I've noticed that the more I look the more I find decent explanations of the bronies, but they're buried. I've actually found a couple by anti-bronies that give fair arguments for both sides, but they're never put out there, just ones insulting us. As for earlier comments about fanfictions, as much as they're ragged on I hate to say it, but don't use EqD. Fimfiction is much fairer and more encompassing when it comes to fanfics. EqD has it's strong points and fanfiction is not one of them. Fimfic will set you straight though and is the closest extension of the brony community I've ever seen outside of a con
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    Welcome to the herd, most recent Unknown poster. But if you want to be with the cool colts, you should register and get a real name here. You can even pick out a cutie mark to go along with it.

    But we don't discriminate. Blank flanks are also welcome.

    (we'll just make fun of you behind your back)
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    @Thrax SO AWESOME thanks for finding this!
  • ...ponies are for girls
    real men ride horses
  • I got no beef with my little pony. Good show, really attacks my nostalgia with a linoleum knife, in the good way, very effectively. The real reason though that hasbro backs the fans is money. The fans buy the toys hasbro gets the money, hasbro becomes happy so they cater to the fans, fans become happy they buy the toys watch the episodes buy more toys, hasbro gets money, hasbro gets happy... you should get the picture by now. It's still about selling toys (merchandise in general, the rampant fan creations boost the buying to be honest), just like transformers, ppg, fosters. The merchandising comes first, the quality of the show is a byproduct.
  • So is the show a comedy or what? I havent watched it im just wondering why exaclty. no one has said whether the show was actually, u know, written well, or makes any sense. i was a fan of Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff girls, when i was 13. but if its just a show for kids then why are you all watching it? i mean if you cant find anything good on theres alot of shows out now that are good. ie Sons of Anarchy, Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States, American Horror Story. im just sayin if you cant find any good shows is why you would watch it? is there lots of drug and sex references? if so im in. if its just people trying to be different, its a fad and thats sad. yes that rhymed.
  • Great article! Very well written, I may add.
    Fanfic recommendations? Hmm...
    Past Sins(The one on fimfiction.net.)
    Nightmare Night and Nyx(Read this after Past Sins. It's very good for a Dan continuation)
    Background Pony
    Mirror's Image(By evilpresident)
    A Ghost Story(Human in Equestria, although it has minor shipping between ponies)
    My Little Mommies
  • Any males over the age of 12 who are watching this shouldn't be allowed around kids. I can picture you all now, you disgusting, rotund, mouth-breathing, neckbearded child molesters. You should all be dragged into the street and shot. The devolution of humanity.
  • One thing i can't understand is. . . WHY would you just hate something you have not seen? Truth is, everyone shuns everything that isn't normal.
  • We'll pinkie pie is the best pony I mean DUH and
    @ pirate ninja
    @ basil
    Don't read the article OR the comments of you don't like mlp SIMPLE
  • While I have to admit Rainbow Dash is quite awesome, I do have a soft spot for Pinkie Pie.
  • I started liking this show when the first season was new. Heck, I watched the older generations of this show. I still remember that movie they made with the girls and the purple stuff called smooze. In all honesty, I'd still probably watch the show even if I was the only "grown-ass man" watching it.
  • I must say a lot of people at my school hate or love then there are the ones in the middle (me), I must admit I'm terrified to watch this show, only because my brother would make fun of me if I watched it, I didn't know what this show is about but I seen parodies about it, someday I'd love to sit down and see what this whole rage is about
  • I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don't know who you are but definitely you're going to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!
  • You sick monsters watching this piece of shit man this is such a disgrace to people and you guys are telling people on this is on who we are this is dumb and cmon people love this gay show so much they made porn on this crap you sick bastards

  • Omg, SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT BRONIES!!! Stories needed to not be opinion based, u sir are a fucking idiot.

    (except the few friends that like it D:)


    except the few friends i have that are...

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