EXPO 2015 Beer Tasting - R41D T3H C3LL4R

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Hey y'all. Sorry for the delay in posting this, real life has been kind of a bastard for the last, oh, 7 months. Some of you may know, some may not, but my wife suffered a severe injury back in November, and things are finally starting to get better for her. Beer geeking has to take a backseat to Real Life BS and all.

But I haven't forgotten about doing something for Expo, I just gotta juggle my time allocation better. My problem, not yours. Anyways!

In 2014, I threw my largest tasting yet. Seating 20+ people, pouring 7 beers, and doing the food plate was a lot of work, and I'm not in a position to do that this year. My primary helper is still healing from a broken fibula, torn ligaments, and all that jazz. So we're gonna go back to what we did in 2013 - super 1337.RAR beer. Hell, maybe this will become an odd year thang.

I have too much beer that would become paperweights if I died from an aneurysm tomorrow. Some of this beer should probably be dranken.

So I'm going to be opening up my cellar to a popular vote of attendees, and then I'm going to use your feedback to craft the beer tasting.

Cellared beer tends towards the higher-ABV, towards stouts, barleywines, jet-fuel IPAs and weird amalgamations. Occasionally you get a sour or fruited beer in there, but frankly I don't have a lot of those. By Monday, I'm going to try and have a list of beers that are up for inclusion in this tasting. One of the bottles on the list, a mere 6.7oz in size, is valued on the secondary market at $80 currently.

I don't know what people will pick, I don't know how many bottles I will bring, but what I will guarantee is a selection of beer you will not have a chance to sample otherwise. We'll probably end up with a couple vintages of some awesome beers, allowing us to compare stuff to see how it's aging, mixed with one-off brews that won't ever be made again. It'll be pretty awesome.

Price per person is $50. The event is scheduled for THURSDAY, 9PM to 11PM.

Attendance will be locked in via order of responses through messaging (icrontic DM, FB message, email, TXT message, whatever is fastest for you). We'll keep this to the first 7 people UNLESS we get 14 respondents, in which case that's the cap. Doing any more than that with this kind of tasting will get messy.

I'll have the list of beers available for this tasting up by Sunday night (I HOPE). Voting will commence among the attendees and then I'll begin crafting a tasting to remember.

If you're in, message me. I'll provide further info once I have it.

Cheers, folks.



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