8 reasons to attend Icrontic Expo 2015

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So you're saying a high ropes course, biking brewery tour, video game tournaments, board games & card flopping, beer & wine tastings, party games, a food tour, Icrontic swag, and 50 friends weren't enough to lure you to Expo? Man, you're a tough sell. Fine, here's 8 more reasons to register immediately.

In no particular order:

  1. Expo is the most fun with friends you can pack into 4 days. It's dizzying how much we do.
  2. It is the very best, most non-stressful way to meet new friends because we have vetted every person here (they are awesome) and we have structured events.
  3. Detroit is an amazing, beautiful, rapidly-changing city and this is the perfect way to visit it.
  4. You will remember it for the rest of your life. More memories are made at Expo than every other event combined.
  5. You should never assume, "there will always be next year" because one day that won't be true.
  6. This can be the most inexpensive or most indulgent of vacations - it's fully customizable to your taste & budget.
  7. This is when you will maximize meeting the most other Icrontians.
  8. It's currently the only way to get Icrontic swag (everyone gets a t-shirt & badge, plus great door prizes).

Tickets here: http://icrontic2015.eventbrite.com

Schedule: http://icrontic.com/discussion/99752/announcing-the-epic-2015-schedule

What's your reason for coming to Expo this year?



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