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    This is really exciting. Jeff Kaplan (game director) commented on what the team is working on for the future of Overwatch. Outside of free maps/heroes and competitive mode, he talks about custom games:

    "For Custom Games, we want to improve overall functionality but figure out a way for players to play more Custom Games with their friends or with strangers (for example, we're researching what a server browser-type feature would look like in OW). This is a ton of work so would not be on the immediate horizon. But in our dream world, you could play Custom Games with 11 other people (friends or strangers) with fun rules in play and gain EXP while doing it... so yeah."

    Really really exciting. This could be a game changer for us as a group. Seems the no XP is the biggest bummer about custom games right now since we're all still working on getting dem loot boxes.

    Here's the full post: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20745285677#post-12

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    That's awesome news indeed!

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    @UPSLynx said:

    @RahnalH102 said:

    @UPSLynx said:
    It only took FORTY LEVELS, but I finally got a damn Mercy unlock that wasn't a spray.

    Yet has over ~1600 credits and could buy any skin for Mercy, plus some. "Thrifty" Lynx strikes again.

    It's so true. I now have over 1,600 credits but I don't want to spend a dime cuz savings.

    Really, though, I want to prove that I can get an epic mercy unlock with the RNG of opening a loot box. So far, my tinfoil hat theory has been proven - that Blizzard knows who you play the most, and they weigh the loot boxes against those heroes.

    I feel this, with my 8 Winston unlocks...

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    @Stack said:

    oh I totally just did this.

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    @Zanthian said:

    About time someone did this! Equilibrium was the first thing I thought of when I saw Reaper in the reveal.

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    Alright so here's how it is. I hit level 50, and I still only had one non-spray unlock for mercy (the victory pose).

    So I gave in and used my saved up 2,100 coins and bought the two skins I wanted most.

    Experiment is over. Blizzard is trash. RND is garbage. Mercy a best.

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    Being new, I feel that there's too many characters/heroes and abilities for me to pin point what type of role I want to play. Like there's a little too many counters. You're not safe from afar. You're not safe up close. It's also essential to communicate. Maybe I just need more time to get a hang of the game.

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    @BlackHawk said:
    ... what type of role I want to play.

    I know people have their favorite roles to play, and team gaming has usually supported that notion, but one of the "Ah-HAH!" moments I've had with Overwatch is thinking that you don't play a role so much as you play an objective.

    Not underplaying the importance of a balanced team, but as each situation and enemy team changes, it may call for half your team to be Genji, or going all DPS. Changing characters can completely turn the tide in a situation that seems deadlocked. The most fun, challenging and interesting games I've played is when they do the "Mystery Hero" weekly challenge, which randomizes your characters at start, and almost every time you die.

    But yea, make sure to get some solid time on every single character, change char whenever you think it would help, and see what you think. I personally am trying to get at least an hour play on every character, and I feel like it's given me some decent experience with what I can do with each, and also what to expect when they're played by someone else.

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    I will second the notion of practicing all the characters. Switching one or two people to a counter pick they are familiar with will commonly turn the tide of a round.

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    Aetheria #1205

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    I now know I still don't have some of you as btag friends. Please add Levex#1835 K, thanks! :)

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    It's all true. All of it.

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    Finally got the game, but I can only play a couple of matches before my mooched, tethered wifi connection has fits and I get disconnected from Bnet. This does not happen with TF2, Rocket League, Battlefield, etc. Just Blizzard games.

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    Looks like the first new Hero (Sombra, rumored), is going to be a support class with a healing sniper rifle... thing. Neat.

  • I'm gonna inject you with some healing from so long away

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    @TiberiusLazarus said:
    I'm gonna inject you with some healing from so long away


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    So all the speculation on the clues is in the right direction so far.
    The notes from Torb and Dr. Z are a Chekhov's Gun to me. Makes me think that if used on allies will heal, and if used on enemies will DoT if not outright damage. Maybe debuff. Dr. Z won't be happy.
    We'll see.

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    Ult/Shift ability drops a canister that sprays the stuff in an area for heals/deeps (right side of image; tripod thing)?

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    Sniper Riffle
    Grapling Hook
    Gas Canister

    Isn't this Widowmaker's current load out?


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