• "Nerf This!" is the greatest line of dialog ever.

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    "We just patched the PTR with a change that loosened the grouping restrictions in Competitive Play for Season 2.

    For Master and Grandmaster: You must be within 500 Skill Rating of your groupmates.

    For Diamond and below: You must be within 1000 Skill Rating of your groupmates (previously this was 500)

    The goal here is to loosen the restrictions somewhat to allow for more grouping while preventing some exploitable behavior and matchmaking issues that are caused by high-skill players who group with lower skill players."

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    This made me chuckle:

  • ZanthianZanthian Mitey Worrier Icrontian

    Anyone participating in Season 2 competitive?

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    This guy is!

  • @Zanthian said:
    Anyone participating in Season 2 competitive?

    Yes, and I started at about 2200 and am down to under 1600... It has been brutal.

    I think there is a competitive sweet spot for certain players where you are in the mix with people that are too good for you, then too awful for you to be effective. And I think I have drifted too far the other way just out of some bad luck and a few close beats. Win's are really difficult to come by when you are constantly playing with guys that are just a little bit down from where you feel like you play your best. Luck of the draw on teams from round to round, once or twice you get six that click perfectly like a well oiled machine that just seems to know how to play as a group but the nature of the system, that is fleeting, you enjoy it for that round then move on to a bunch of knuckleheads that don't seem to understand how a team shooter works.

    Mercy buff is a huge improvement to her utility. Zen getting knocked down was necessary. Mei... Her ult, I don't have an issue with how strong it is, but players seem to get it so often. I swear I'll see that thrown out there five or six times in a match sometimes, I'm not sure how players earn it so quickly but she seems to have gone a little too far the other way, especially for someone who is supposed to be good defensive support. You can't get close to her, but if you try to pick her off at range she just heals, ults over and over, it's a powerful ult now, just everything about her feels out of balance now. Mei is so cute, why do I hate her?

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    I placed at just under gold but have been able to climb to around 2300 so far. I have been lucky in getting teams to actually use the voice chat and being able to swap team composition if it isn't working.

    My three most used classes right now are Mei (sorry), Junkrat, and Pharah. I have been swapping out to Ana for a second healer when needed and Zarya when a heavy is needed.

    The thing that works for Mei is just staying alive on the point once the team has capped it. I feel like she is still pretty balanced due to zarya and pharah being strong counters for her. I think her ultimate sticks with people more though because if you are caught, you are sitting there like... not like this... this is an embarrassing way to go.

    I was really loving to play Symmetra in non ranked, but she still needs a balance to work in competitive.

  • I think because on offense, on push games especially I'm a pretty bad ass D-Va, and Mei is a great equalizer on defense because she can use her quickness to get in close and freeze and destroy my mech, so I have to keep thrusting off the payload then back on where for awhile I just owned the payload the whole round. I think she always could, just more players are into her now due to the improved payoff on the ult so I'm seeing a pesky Mei on just about every round I play. She is so adorable, yet, I want to blast her into frozen chunks...

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    WHelp guys I did I got the best POTG of all time.

    I tried to embed a streamable link and it's not showing up ?

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    Yeah I don't see it. You can't leave us hanging like this!

  • KarmaKarma Likes yoga Icrontian

    @Farge said:
    Yeah I don't see it. You can't leave us hanging like this!

    https://streamable.com/e/kraq?hd=1 There's the link. this whole embedding thing is wonk

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    @UPSLynx : I just got the Imp skin for Mercy.

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    Thought I would leave this here....

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    This team we played against had some seriously on point names.

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    Hella leaks over the last few days!

    Incoming Halloween event, likely to start on Tuesday. No official announcements from Blizz yet, but there have been a ton of accidental website and store pages go live about it. It's definitely a thing, and there will definitely be event-specific loot boxes for it (like the Summer Games event).

    Theory right now is that to prevent the BS of Summer Games where you'd get duplicate items in your lootbox for coins that you couldn't actually use to unlock the goodies with, that this one will have event-specific currency, so you can still accumulate coins to unlock halloween stuff.

    Today, the Overatch comic #9 leaked. It shows what are likely to be all of the Halloween skins. DAT WITCH MERCY. GIBBE.


    Also today, Sombra was leaked. I guess Blizzard launched the site too early. I'm trying to avoid that leak because I want to see the full reveal once it's ready, but the info is out there if you wanna find it.

  • colacola part legend, part devil... all man Balls deep Icrontian

    Halloween update has dropped. Free loot box. Gold skin from box. Explorer fucking Winston. :/

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    Something I realized awhile back, but I find interesting from a design aspect and want to share.

    Lucio is my main hero in Overwatch. This is because I generally end up as support, and I really like Lucio's kit so it all works out (most of the time.)

    The hero I fear/hate to be up against most is Mei. Especially as Lucio. Because Mei actually takes away what I enjoy most about Lucio. The speed and movement. She literally walks up to my fun, freezes it solid, and shatters it to pieces right in front of me. I cry every time.

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    I think this is the best Overwatch Parody I've ever seen.

    Perfectly captures the playerbase.

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    Tonight was my last chance to play before the Halloween even ends (since I'll be in Detroit through Halloween for ICOK). I was holding off on buying the Witch Mercy skin with my credits because I wanted to see how bad my luck would be until the last minute.

    I leveled 22 times since the event started, so that's 23 boxes including the free one. No Mercy skin.

    I bought 2 boxes. No Witch skin.

    I bought 2 more. Boom.

    I'm only slightly ashamed, because I saved 3,000 credits and got to spend those on unlocking the last few Halloween things I wanted before it all goes away.

  • aspieRommelaspieRommel Icrontic politico Indianapolis, IN Icrontian

    @UPSLynx said:
    (since I'll be in Detroit through Halloween for ICOK).

    I thought you were leaving on Friday evening?

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    @UPSLynx I got that Mercy skin in two consecutive loot crates. I have 10 minutes on mercy.

  • BobbyDigiBobbyDigi ? R U #Hats ! TX Icrontian

    @Karma said:
    @UPSLynx I got that Mercy skin in two consecutive loot crates. I have 10 minutes on mercy.


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    I will tell it at parties. I know plenty of People who have told far less interesting stories about Overwatch. "I got a headshot as widowmaker, it was sick dude"

    Edit: Grad student in CS, we have conversation about the most meaningless shit.

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